Thursday, September 3, 2009

there is a first time for everyhing!

wow, this is a strange project! im not sure if i am too keen to have people reading about my life... i guess this is one way to get really good marks!

a bit about me...
ok, so i have friends, as people say- they are my life!! i am very close to my mom! she might even be my best friend! i tell her everything! she had a boyfriend and we have become very close! my daddy lives very far away and im not sure what is going on with hime at the moment! i miss him and we dont talk much but when we do we talk about our whole lives! my dad is married at the moment but i am not sure what is going on there! his wives name is karen and she is also really awesome! i hope for their sake that everything goes well! because i dont live close i dont really hear what is going on step by step. but that is fine... i think i prefere it that way!

ok i think i have spoken about me enough for one lifetime!
back to my crazy friends! they are all weird and silly in their own special ways!!! it is my friends birthday this weekends an we have known eachother for as long as i can remember but we have never really been close if u know what i mean.... i think that she is really cool and would love to get to know u better. i guess this weekend would be the best chance... i also have friends who have been through so much crap in their lives. it makes u really think hard about what u have and then feel bad for taking it for graunted!

i have to go, bell just went offfff! we now have english! i love english!!!

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