Thursday, September 10, 2009

handing in day

Today is the day that we have to hand in these GLOSIOUS projects! what fun! ha ha i hope that i get a good mark! i know i will because i am one of the few people that have actually done this project!
I dont even think that he is going to read this. so i could basically write.... blah blah blah blah blah. because that is what i feel like today. despite the numerous times today that i have truied to remind myself that i have to have a good one and smile there is just this one boy in my class that has to make me feel so bad about myself. whatever he says about me is not nice and it seems like he likes everone exept me. so i have begun to fill my mind with happyt thoughts about growing up and listerning to music... 'old yellow bricks :]'- i love this song!

:] last night i went and watched Year One. one of the silliest movies i have ever seen for sure!!! the only reason we wern to watch it is because dictric 9 was sold out. and every other movie had already started!

anyway i am goinmg to stat adding some pictures now now! :]

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